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Getting Started

Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. is here to assist you with the process of buying and installing a residential or commercial solar power system with the highest level of customer support and system care.

Financing & Incentives

Solar represents a smart investment opportunity, delivering inexpensive power for decades. Federal, state, and local programs offset up to 60% of systems through a variety of tax credits and rebates.


Producing solar electricity for your residence or business is simple but you may have some questions.  Our goal is to make your solar system installation a pleasure from the beginning to the end.


We do solar energy system design, installation, sales and service. We specialize in solar electricity for residential and commercial applications. We use high efficiency panels from superior manufacturers like Sunpower to gather more energy with less surface area, enabling you to install the highest power system possible. This translates into even lower energy bills, and a greater positive impact on the environment.

Our 24/7 monitoring unit helps ensure your system is running smoothly. It will even alert you problems arise. Utility costs tend to rise every year, but we let you lock in low predictable solar energy rates for years.



Everyone is very professional and patient. Keep up the great work!

Best, Jason

Solar Energy Exchange has saved me a lot of money. my electric use charge from last month was only $55.00. If you want to save money use solar exchange.

Our installation with Solar Energy Exchange was amazing. The crew was on time, very courteous and worked extremely efficiently. I highly recommend them.