Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. is a well-established system design, installation, sales and service contractor, specializing in solar electricity and solar pool for residential and commercial applications.

We continue to provide the best, most advanced solar products and services available. Our goal is to provide you, the client, with the best quality system at the best value possible. Solar power is all we do and is all we have done since 2002. Integrity and Craftsmanship are our core values.

We proudly honor both our manufacturer’s warranties, and our own. Our advantages include:

  • A comprehensive energy audit to help you reduce your electricity usage.
  • Honest, objective and accurate estimates of potential savings.
  • A price that we honor for your complete turnkey installation.
  • Custom engineering and design in-house.
  • Complete building permit packages for your own installation.
  • Tested, proven equipment for a trouble-free 30+ year lifespan.
  • One free checkup of your solar power system after one year of operation.
  • Full insurance coverage for our workers and you.
  • Experienced management for company longevity and viability.
  • In-house training courses for installers on solar codes, safety and other requirements, making our installers the best in the industry.



More About Us

Our mission at Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. is to provide the highest quality solar panel installation and service to our solar energy clients, insuring them safe, clean, inexpensive energy, while helping to make our environment safer and healthier for ourselves and our children. We believe that clean energy is achievable and sustainable, and we are committed to proving it, with every project we complete.


Trust – we build trust with every interaction.
Responsibility – we do good and we do well.
Uncompromising – we deliver what we promise.
Smart – we learn from experience and find ways to improve.
Team – we rely on each other to succeed.
Enthusiastic – we love what we and have fun doing it.
Dynamic – we drive and embrace change.


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