The Inevitability Of Solar:

The Inevitability of Solar:

Things are bad for those who breathe air these days, and things will probably get a lot worse before a change in behavior is forced upon humankind. This is because despite demonstrable evidence of climate change, despite the fact that…

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Solar Power For Home – Is It Worth The Money?

Solar Power for Home – Is it Worth the Money?

Great question! To fully answer this question you need to determine what kind of solar installation you’re considering. But basically the short answer is almost always “˜YES!’ First let’s assume that you want an electrical supply to your home or…

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Solar For All

Solar for All

For over 100 years, the American economy has been fueled by enormous expansion of fossil fuel energy. It has emitted a disproportionate share of its environmental impact (too much) and economic rewards (too few) on those less fortunate. More than…

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Summer Savings Tips!

SUMMERTIME ENERGY-SAVING TIPS These tips are designed to help you choose effective ways to reduce your energy bills. Some measures may not be relevant depending on climate, the age of your home and appliances, and past improvements made to your…

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