Inno Africa

Innovation Africa – For people in Africa, access to Israeli solar energy can change everything.

The Israeli heart and mind just transformed the lives of 1 million Africans forever

620 million people in Africa, twice the size of the United States, lack access to electricity.
Many of them have never seen a lightbulb.

Yet, there is plenty of sun.
Israeli solar energy technology is solving it and fast.

In schools and orphanages, they install solar panels to allow children to study under the light of solar energy. After installation, they’ve seen graduation rates triple in primary and secondary schools.

Not only do they hire and train locals to construct and maintain the solar and water systems, but thanks to the Israeli innovation, donors and the team are able to track and monitor all of the solar systems remotely.

This technology guarantees donors that the systems will be working for many years to come.

Amazing what Solar Energy Can Accomplish!

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