Sending Money to the Utility Companies is like Burning Money!

Here’s a reality check for you…

Let’s say the average electric bill in your home is a very conservative $150 per month?

Now … let’s take into account that the fine people at your local utility company are raising your rates by about 10% every year – which is also a very conservative number! Based on that scenario, a homeowner is going to pay their utility company a whopping $81,848.00 over the course of the next 20-years. NO …, that is not a misprint – say it real slow – the number is $81,848.00 and assuming you’re going to live for more than 20-years, you’ll continue to pay and pay and never own anything. No pink slip. No deed of trust. Nothing!

And to depress the overall situation even more… to pay $81,848.00, you’ll have to earn about $110,000 in income – depending on your tax situation. Considering the median income of the average American family is $50,054, that means you will work for more than two years of your life just to turn on the lights! Does that seem right to you? I’m glad we agree!

So.. How do you quit burning your hard earned money? The good news is that the solar energy industry has answered the call with a viable high-efficiency renewable energy solution. Adding a solar electric system to your home is the only way you have to tell your local utility company that you are tired and you’re not going to take it anymore! If you invest approximately one-third of the aforementioned utility extortion fee, you can purchase a solar system that can offset that entire amount – or whatever percentage you would like to dump. The best thing is that you can own it; and once you do, it’s free power!

So, do the math … would you rather burn $81,848.00 or spend a small portion of that on a solar electric solution and keep the rest in your pocket? After all, your kid’s college education is not going to come cheap!