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How does a PV Solar Power System generate electricity?

PV Solar power system generates clean solar electricity through the use of photovoltaic (PV) panel, which turns the sun’s light energy directly into electric energy.

What government incentives are available that will lower the price of the PV Solar System? Who will help me apply for the available incentives?

There are many different financial incentives, or energy tax credits, available for solar electric systems both residential and commercial. However the advantage of purchasing from Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. is that the price reflects the California Solar Initiative (CSI) financial incentives as a partial credit towards the purchase of the system. Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. will provide further information to you on the availability of any additional incentives and fill out all forms.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a result of regulations that obligate utilities to allow excess energy generated by solar PV systems to be sent to the grid, thus spinning the meter backward. This arrangement allows all electricity produced by your PV Solar Power System to be used to offset your utility bill. When your PV Solar Power System produces more electricity than you consume, your meter will spin backwards.

How do I use the electricity from my PV System?

The electricity generated by PV Solar Power System purchased from Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. works just like the electricity delivered by your local utility. After passing through a component called an inverter, the direct current (DC) electricity generated by photovoltaic panels is converted to alternating current (AC), the type of electricity that you normally access through the outlets in your home or business facility.

Will PV Solar Power System produce enough solar energy to handle my entire home or business electricity needs?

Providing you have enough roof space or other areas around the property, and depending on your electrical consumption, a PV Solar Energy System purchased from Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. can be appropriately sized to meet all of your ordinary electricity needs. In most cases, however it is not necessary for a system to cover all of your needs in order to be cost-effective. For instance, if your utility charges are based on a tiered rate structure, you pay an incrementally higher rate for each Kilo-Watt Hour (kwh) that you use; in this case, simply eliminating the most expensive portion of your consumption has a noticeable effect on your monthly utility bills. Your PV Solar representative will assist you in deciding what size system is best for your home. Call (888) 323-7782 for a site evaluation.

How much electricity will my PV Solar Energy System produce?

The amount of electricity generated by PV Solar Energy System purchased from Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. is dependent upon several factors, primarily site compatibility and your local geographic and environmental conditions. However, in optimal conditions your PV Solar System is designed to produce its rated quantity of electricity.

Will my home/business still need a utility provider? Do I need to be connected to the grid?

Yes, you will still need to be connected to the grid through your local utility. While you generate the bulk of your own electricity during the peak hours of daylight and demand, your utility will seamlessly take over and continue to supply your electricity at night and on very cloudy days.

How safe is PV Solar Energy System?

Since solar systems are generally mounted in a low or non-traffic area, are virtually maintenance free, and have no moving parts, they are very safe. Your PV Solar Energy System carries all electrical certifications, including Underwriters Laboratory (UL listed) and IEC. Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. will install your system to your satisfaction. Please remember, as with any electrical appliance, you should always use proper care when handling solar power system components.

How durable is PV Solar Energy System?

Your PV Solar Energy System purchased from Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. is very durable. We only supply the finest Solar PV panels. All Solar panels supplied by Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. have passed a standard battery of tests and are built to withstand winds of up to 125 miles per hour and 1-inch hail and carries a 25-year warranty. The inverters, racking, wiring and hardware supplied through Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. are all top quality products as well and have a 10-year warranty including labor.

How long does PV Solar Energy System last?

The heart of the PV Solar Energy System is the high quality solar panel, made to typically last for more than 30 years.

What is the warranty on PV Solar System?

All Solar modules carry the manufacturers’ limited warranty covering them ordinarily for up to 25 years. Inverters carry the manufacturer’s limited warranty covering them for 10 years. The installation company warrants the workmanship for 20 years.

What happens at night?

Since solar or PV panel technology requires sunlight to produce electricity, your system will not produce electricity during the dark hours of the night. Your local utility will continue to supply your electricity at night by using up the electrical credit your PV system has built up on the meter.

What happens on cloudy days?

Since solar or PV panel technology requires sunlight to produce electricity, the bulk of your electricity production will take place in sunny conditions. Output is directly proportionate to the amount of sunlight available at any given moment, so systems can generate 50 – 70% of their typical output under bright overcast conditions but production will continue to diminish as less light reaches the surface of the solar panel modules.

In what temperatures will PV System operate?

PV Power System will operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -13 to 122 degrees F (-25 to 50 degrees C). Since PV panels are electronic devices that generate electricity directly from light, not heat, solar panels actually work better in cooler temperature.

What happens during a power outage?

Your PV System is designed to shut down during a power outage to prevent possible injury to those working to restore power.

What size system is right for my home or business?

The size you chose is a trade off between the amount of money you want to invest and the amount of electricity you want to produce. A typical US home uses approximately 13,000 kwh per year, which is equal to a 7 kwh system. You can ask your utility provider or you can look at your old electricity bill to calculate how much electricity your home typically uses. But remember, you do not need to cover all your electricity needs with a solar system to save money and add value to your home or business. Under the tiered rate structure used by most utilities, the solar electricity generated by PV Solar System can remove you from a higher charge bracket.

How much does PV Energy System Cost?

Generally, the cost of purchasing the solar energy system is based on the size of system you require, the financial incentives that are available in your area, and the specific details of the layout of your home. Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. makes it easy and affordable for you to own a solar energy system and enjoy energy independence, while saving the environment. Please refer to our sales brochures for the size and prices available through Solar Energy Exchange. Your property is exempt from property tax increase.

How do I purchase PV Solar Energy?

Simple. Contact Solar Energy Exchange, Inc.
Call your representative at: (888) 323-7782
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Can I increase the size of the PV Soar System panels at a later date?

Yes, provided you have the available space at your location.

Will I need approval from my homeowners association for a residential solar system?

Normally you will need approval from your architectural committee (consult your CC&R’s and Association By-Laws). However, in the State of California any covenant or restriction the effectively prohibits or restricts the installation or use of a solar energy system is void and unenforceable as a matter of law. California Civil Code 714.

Can I add battery back up at a later date?

If you start out with a system that utilizes battery backup, it is easy to add more. However, if you start without backup, it will be rather expensive to add batteries due to the high cost of adding a different type of inverter. A system without battery-backup uses a different inverter than those with battery backup. A PV Solar Energy System available through Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. is designed without battery back-up.

How long will it take to install?

It typically takes 2-3 days for the professional installation of PV Solar Energy System. Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. has a team of reputable and professional installers that will complete the job to your satisfaction. Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. will assist you from the purchase of your system to the flick of the switch that turns it on.

What about the environment?

A PV Solar Energy System uses no fuel and produces no pollutants. Our smallest systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions as effectively as planting a grove of 50 mature trees.