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Solar Power for Home – Is it Worth the Money?

Great question!

To fully answer this question you need to determine what kind of solar installation you’re considering. But basically the short answer is almost always “˜YES!’

First let’s assume that you want an electrical supply to your home or business, and like most products and services this means you have to pay cash for something. You can continue to part with ever-increasing amounts of cash to your local utility company to ‘rent’ your electrical supply, or you can look for an alternative way to create your own electricity. You turn to the solar energy world.

So we can agree that you’re looking for a better way to buy a product that you’re already paying for. This isn’t like adding a swimming pool to your home or buying a shiny new car to replace the 10 year old one outside. For these things you would part with additional dollars beyond what you’re already spending day-to-day.

For electricity, you’re already spending the money.

So if you’re forced to spend the money on Utility Company’s electricity (or face sitting in the dark with no heating or cooling), then it’s really not even your money. You may have worked for it and earned it, but you have no choice in where it goes (a bit like taxes).

b4eb6db455690e760b71f9c233e9cea7_f190So then the original question “is it worth the money?” is really the wrong question. What you actually need to know is: If you choose to spend Utility Company’s money on a solar installation for yourself, how long will it be before Utility Company finishes paying for it, and you can start keeping more of your hard earned cash?

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