In addition to installing a PV panel system, it is a good idea to do a home energy audit. This is helpful in finding other ways to save electricity. Energy saving light bulbs, reducing pool equipment run time and upgrading old appliances are just a few ideas. In fact, most power companies require a home energy audit before solar pv installation, just to raise awareness of other energy saving options. An energy efficient home after solar system installation will repay your solar energy investment more quickly.

We recommend that the panels be washed with your water hose a minimum of two times per year. The cleaner, the panels are the more productive the system will be. A thin layer of dust or dirt on the glass cover can effectively block some of the solar power and reduce the output of your system. Keeping the panels clean allows the system to operate at maximum efficiency.

Periodically check for green light on your inverter to make sure that the system is on. A green light should be on as long as sunlight is reflecting on the panels, usually between 10:00 AM-4:00 PM. Monitoring systems are available, (ask for details)

Always have a local licensed installer like Solar Energy Exchange install your system – they know all the local and Federal regulations and will be able to handle the permit and rebate incentive paperwork.

Have your installation “Health Checked” bi-annually. Among the other benefits of using Solar Energy Exchange for your installation, is our offer of a FREE system Health Check on its one year anniversary. We recommend Health Checks once every two years thereafter, to be certain your system is generating properly, repaying you for your investment every sunny day.