Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. is a well-established system design, installation, sales and service contractor, specializing in solar electricity and solar pool for residential and commercial applications.

We continue to provide the best, most advanced solar products and services available.

Save Your Money AND Save Your Planet!

Free yourself from the skyrocketing cost of electricity. Install a high quality Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel system to drastically cut your energy bills while taking advantage of generous tax rebates, and doing your part to cut greenhouse gas emissions. With one simple phone call to Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. you could soon be watching your electric service meter spin backwards.

Highest Efficiency Panels

The high efficiency panels offered by Solar Energy Exchange, Inc. gather more energy with less surface area, enabling you to install the highest power system possible. This translates into even lower energy bills, and a greater positive impact on the environment. More electricity generated by your system, means less electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. We are one of a select group of “premiere” distributors with access to these highest efficiency panels. We feature products from superior manufacturers like Sunpower Corp., electronics, and cutting edge inverters. Our custom engineering and expert installation will help you to find a system that will generate more electricity using less space.

Invest in Solar

In addition to decreasing your electric bill, a solar system also adds value to your home. The money you would have spent purchasing power from a large utility company is used to purchase your solar system instead. The system increases the value of your property, even before it pays for itself by generating electricity.

How does your system pay for itself? Simple. There is a process known as “net metering” which is a program that requires the electric utility company to purchase any excess electricity your system produces. When your meter turns backwards, your account is being credited for the amount of power your system contributes to the grid. This credit represents cash that you are no longer required to spend on electricity.

Get your Electricity from the Sun

Producing solar electricity for your residence or business is simple. Solar modules are placed on the roof, a pole structure, or a ground mount. The power produced by the modules is fed through a power conditioning box (inverter). From the inverter, the power is fed to the home or business’s existing service panel and to the utility meter.